Product Review: The OneHitWonda

Here in CT., on July 1st, 2021,legalization of cannabis went into effect. Thank God and Goddess for that!!! The legalization laws gave medical patients expanded rights, regarding allotment limits and ability to home grow our medication. It was an amazing moment. And I can’t lie – my next door neighbor is kind of a uglyContinue reading “Product Review: The OneHitWonda”

*Spiced* Apple Donuts

Y’all, We are shook! Donuts!!! So many donuts!!! So.. so.. SO many donuts were made last night. This is such a simple thing to make. The secret: CAKE MIX!!!!! These are *Spiced Apple*, we used spice cake mix, because it’s fall. And we threw a peeled and cored apple into the food processor, pulsed aContinue reading “*Spiced* Apple Donuts”

The real reason Marijuana is illegal

Okay, so a little bit about me (and not the other two parties in this tiny effort) I forayed into the “conservative” thinking, and I was a total Tyler Zed devotee, and in some ways, I still hold that vision. However, Tyler makes some very good points in this. Marijuana is illegal because Harry AnslingerContinue reading “The real reason Marijuana is illegal”

We Are Sorry…

We’re really sorry that there hasn’t been any new posts lately. But, the fact is that we are busy behind the scenes, working on new recipes. Among them are homemade mozzarella made with infused milk (CannaMozz), special herbed homemade sausage, and sPOTghetti sauce, Pot-ato cookies (trust us). So, bear with us while we continue toContinue reading “We Are Sorry…”

PRODUCT REVIEW: Firedog Stash Bag*

My employer is so anti cannabis , they have put signs up on the front of all their facilities, and their website, that cannabis is not allowed in. You can’t imagine how many times a day I bite my tongue. And since CT. has finally decided to join the party of 19 other states inContinue reading “PRODUCT REVIEW: Firedog Stash Bag*”

Terp Street RIP🙏🏻 (What in the Cindy Brady Tattletale fuckery is this?)

So, Monday morning, as I arrived at work, Sarah sent a text to our group chat asking WTF is up with Terp Street? For those who don’t know, this silly little state makes the growers/suppliers use made up “medical sounding names” instead of the street strains we’ve all heard for decades. For example, the restContinue reading “Terp Street RIP🙏🏻 (What in the Cindy Brady Tattletale fuckery is this?)”

Can you travel with cannabis?

Can I travel with my medical marijuana? The short answer, no. Because of the patchwork of medical/legal state laws, something that is legal in one state may not be legal in another. It’s a gamble. And one that can be very expensive. And then there is the arbitrary lines on a map that say whenContinue reading “Can you travel with cannabis?”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – the Budder Way

The munchies… let’s talk about the post sesh munchies, shall we? They hit – and they hit hard. And you never know what you’re going to want. I think that’s why you can always pick out the marijuana aficionados in the grocery store, we’re the ones buying every type of snack they can, because whoContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – the Budder Way”


We have discussed microdosing in the past. Ingesting low doses of cannabis that delivers just enough CBD/THC into your endocannabinoid system. And this is something that I have been thinking about for a while, And we all know that stoners get the munchies. And in the era of covid, going to the movies hasn’t beenContinue reading “PotCorn!”

Legalization in CT, employees and employers

Still wading through 300 pages of legalese. But, I culled this from an article online, and I added in the pertinent actual wording from the laws. An employer may implement a policy prohibiting the possession, use or other consumption of cannabis by an employee, except (A) as provided in section 21a-408p of the general statutes,Continue reading “Legalization in CT, employees and employers”