Welcome to Everything is Better With Budder

Born during COVID-19, this blog is the collaboration between three friends who are home cook foodies and medical marijuana patients. We feel that being able to dose — discretely— when necessary is the heart of patient’s rights.

In CT., where we live, a MMJ patient is restricted to using their medication at home. Our feeling is if a person on strong opioids can pop a pill, a MMJ patient could certainly put a few drops of tincture in their coffee, or eat a piece of candy, or a salad made with infused salad dressing.

We also advocate, very strongly, for the legalization of marijuana on the state level, and removal of it’s Schedule 1 designation by the federal government. We believe there should be research into Cannabis’ healing properties, since it has been proven to have been used since ancient times all over the world.

So on behalf of the group that calls itself #UBBU™️, Christi, Tony and Sarah welcome you to our little cannabis foodie corner of the internet.

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