The Power of The Oil

So, I am also using my Levo to infuse oil.  There are so many oils you can use.  Canola – Sunflower – Olive – Coconut.  And they are all great for infusion with cannabis for a variety of uses.

As I am sitting here, I have six oz of extra virgin olive oil infusing with 5g of activated cannabis.  It will be infusing for a total of 24 hours.  The great thing about using the LEVO 2 to infuse is I can reuse the activated cannabis.  (That will be another post! Spoiler alert: 36 hours infused butter!)

So, even though I am only making 6 oz of olive oil right now, it’s going to be hella strong.  To be clear, the strain I use for infusion is: The Hog.  It’s a pure Indica strain.  I get it from my dispensary, 2.5g for $20.  It’s relatively inexpensive, but potent and doesn’t alter the taste of food too much.  I know there are methods out there to completely remove the taste from infusions.  Remember, I admit to being lazy and taking extra steps just doesn’t seem to appeal to me.

This morning I ordered a cruet set from Amazon – $20 – I’m going to keep my oils in that.  It wouldn’t be good to mix my oils or butters up when cooking something for a potluck at work.  Imagine getting an entire courthouse stoned.  I would probably lose my job for sure.

What can you use oils for?  The answer is simple:  Everything you regularly use oil for.  Salad dressings, cooking, marinades.  You’re only limited by your own imagination and palate.  Imagine having a nice Caesar Salad with homemade dressing, made with infused olive oil!!!  By the time dinner is served, you have a nice buzzy feeling.  If you’ve made dinner with something with cannabis, maybe some shrimp scampi over angel hair made with infused oil.  By the end of dinner, you’ll be fully buzzed.  I suggest waiting a while for dessert.  How about chocolate ice cream with infused caramel sauce?  Or just some simple infused chocolates with a nice wine.

Summer afternoon?  A strawberry chicken salad with a vinaigrette made with infused oil.  Balamic?  Sure.  A strawberry vinaigrette?  Yeah!  How about a champagne vinaigrette?  Ohhh yeahhhh!!!

Sesame oil.  A lot of Asian dishes are made with sesame oil.  How about sautéed vegetables using an infused sesame oil?  Maybe saute a nice mild fish?  Yum!!

What else?  Well, in coconut oil, that can be used for any number of yummy foods.  But something you may not have thought of, skin or hair care.  Head over to Pinterest and check out all of the homemade skin and hair care treatments made with coconut oil.  Dispensaries across the country sell infused lotions and creams.  They are expensive.  And they are – in my opinion – rather weak.  So, if you can make your own, for a lot less money, what’s the harm?  Oh, check out Pinterest for weed infused lube made from coconut oil.  I don’t have any experience with it, but from what I have been told, it’s supposed to be rather nifty.

You can make infused argan oil.  You can get a nice buzzy feel on your scalp while you deep condition your hair.  Soak in a relaxing tub with argan oil and essential oils.  You can make home made THC bath bombs!!!

The possibilities are endless.




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