Day 10 gajillion and then some…

It’s been a few day since I’ve updated. Not much is really going on. We’re still on sort of lockdown – starting to reopen stuff incrementally. No clue yet when my facility will reopen. I wish I had a firm date. There are things that I could do if I had a date. I’m guessing sometime after July, but I just don’t know. I hate not knowing. It’s been 68 days since we shut down. This is all just so strange – surreal. I just saw on Twitter – someone said “just remember, this is day 68 of what was supposed to be a two week lockdown to flatten the curve”. Point. Set. Match.

Tonight was fun. I tripped over big dumb Bailey-Leafy-Loofah – my 120 lb black Labrador(k). In tripping over him, I went down on my left knee (yay for it not being my right one), and I put my right hand out to stop myself and there goes the right shoulder – again. I swear, I just can’t win. I’ve had more weird medical things since this started than I normally do.

So, what is on the menu next? Well, with the help of my beautiful friends — #UBBU(TM) — we’ve landed on our next medible. I’m not going to give away the surprise just yet. Tomorrow will be another day that I try getting dressed, even though I still believe it to be overrated (Something I posted on Facebook since I live in sweatpants, shorts or leggings these days), I described actual clothes as being overrated. So, there will likely be a blog post tomorrow night/Wednesday morning about it. Tomorrow morning will be spent making the lovely new medible.

I will say this, I will NOT be using my own butter or oils in this one. I will be using the baking mix that I get from the dispensary. So, I’m going to talk about that stuff right now. The most common medible is brownies. Everyone has heard of pot brownies. It’s almost like a rite of passage to have them, if you are a casual user to hard core user of cannabis. I think unless there is a food allergy, almost everyone has come across them. The corporate cannabis companies have seen that, and heard our prayers by giving us a baking mix. It’s not a brownie mix. What it is, is THC powder that you mix with your dried ingredients in almost anything you bake – cakes, brownies, cookies, corn bread – you’re only limited by your taste buds. My personal favorite is Pillsbury Quick Banana Bread. Canna-banana-bread should be declared its own food group and be made mandatory. A nice slab of warm canna-banana bread, with melting canna-butter on it – OH MYYYY that is a beautiful breakfast.

Anyway – back to the powder.

It’s 180mg THC per pouch of mix. It costs me $25. It’s Arabic gum, an emulsifier and THC concentrate. Using it in brownies give you an approximate 20mg per brownie, if you cut it 3×3. If you plan on making it in a 9×13 in pan, I would suggest using 2 packets. That gets pricy, $50, for one cake. But, it’s up to you and what your personal tolerance level is. I suggest that because if you do a cake 9×13, or two round cakes, you’re really using twice as much batter as you would for a batch of brownies. If you use one pouch, you’re effectively cutting your dosage into 10 mg per slice of cake. Like I said, it’s up to you.

Medibles are one of the most profitable products of medical cannabis because no one wants to make the time or expend the energy into making them. People want instant gratification. They just want to open up a package and take out a cookie and eat it. That’s why we buy cookies in the store and not bake them, because we are a society of instant gratification. And to demonstrate the cost – it can cost you $10/cookie. If you had three a day, at $10/each? You’re spending $930 on cookies only. And here in CT., they don’t allow candy medibles – which I think sucks.

When I started with my card almost a year ago, I smoked or vaped. I got the baking mix and made brownies. Well, that was it. All I want is medibles. Smoking gives me a headache. Vaping can give me a headache, too. Eating a medible is so easy and something you can do in public, and not have to worry about someone getting up in your face about it.

In CT, you can’t smoke or vape cannabis where there are children, or in public. Taking out a little piece of brownie/banana bread is socially acceptable and discrete. I have not yet made gummies, but they are on my list to make. Keeping a small tin of gummies in my pocketbook is a great way to microdose.

I’ve mentioned microdose before but didn’t really explain what it is. Since I am in constant chronic pain, and I am on nothing stronger than ibuprofen for pain, my medical cannabis is for keeping my stress level down. Stress exacerbates my pain levels. Which is why I am not sleeping these days – because of all of the stress involved with this lockdown insanity. So, I microdose during the day – I keep a constant stream of cannabis coming into my body in small doses during the day. I nibble on cannabanana bread. I pop half a peanut-budder ball. Whatever I have to do to keep me just slightly loosened up. That keeps me functioning through the day. Of course, in these crazy times, being home for over two months now, I’m just hanging out, vaping to my hearts content. Some times I am in a haze all day. That may be the only part of this I will miss when we finally get to go back to work – not living as a stoner LOL

I wish I had more to talk about tonight, but I don’t really. I have an appointment on Friday with my hematologist. I started seeing him after I had spent five days in the hospital, after passing out on my motorcycle. That’s another fun story for another day. But, long story short is that I am iron anemic. I’m on ferrous sulfate for that – one of the few #BigPharma medications that I will use. I have to get my blood drawn every few months. If my tank starts running low again (when I had the accident, my hemoglobin was at a 4 – it’s supposed to be 12), then I will have to go on iron infusions and I really don’t want to go on iron infusions. It was bad enough in the five days I spent at Danbury Shang-Ri-La. (Danbury Hospital) getting it. I mean – I will do what I have to do to get and stay healthy – as healthy as I can be. Insomnia isn’t helping my cause either. And even more sadly, I don’t have a lot of butter or oil on hand for me to have something other than vaping and/or smoking flower. I do have some infused caramel sauce on hand. I could have some ice cream with caramel… hmmmmm…


Okay, so I decided against the ice cream, and opted to use the precious little bit of butter I had left and had a couple of slices of cinnamon sugar toast. So – yay on that. It’s almost 2:00 in the morning, I have to sleep sometime soon, right? Yeah – sure. I know this is all because of what is going on and not having anything to wake up to do in the morning. I mean – I have to let the dogs out. But, it’s not like I have to get up and go to work. This is just so damn bizarre.

Obviously, my mind is all over the place tonight. I started to do another blog post about vaping. For some reason, my computer kept deleting the draft. Obviously, I’m not meant to write about that tonight. I will address it, though – what I feel the problem is with the vaping lung injuries. Let’s just say that it has to do with getting the carts legally, from legal sources and staying off the black market.

Late night tv is amusing. And there are some shows on tv that really make me shake my head. Wow!!! Some of these reality shows are so trashy. It’s really trashy – and we watch this stuff. Why? What can be so interesting about the Kartrashian’s that necessitates this tv show? And yes, I know I typed it Kartrashian’s. That was intentional. Like I said – trashy.

Well – hello there, Mr. Toast. Yup… Mr. Toast has baked me. I use indica strains, exclusively. It’s a rare time that I will get a sativa. Mostly because every time I have had one, that’s when I get a little paranoid. Best to stay away from that stuff. Well, Mr. Sandman has sprinkled a little bit of his magic dust on me and I think I will attempt to sleep now.

Stay safe and have a high day!

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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