How did cannabis become illegal?

So, to understand this, we have to have a little history lesson. The Marihuana Act of 1937. A movement that gained a great deal of support from politicians, despite doctors at that time, arguing against making it illegal because of its medicinal properties. Medicinal properties that had been well known for – literally – thousands of years. Ancient people used cannabis extensively. There have been references to cannabis in Ancient texts in China. In Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Greece. Native Americans. Europe. Cannabis has always been considered medicinal – until 1937. But, the push for illegality began in 1926.

That’s when Mexican Immigration began in earnest. And racism against Mexicans – who called it “marihuana” as a recreational drug and their preferred method of ingesting it: smoking it.

The government then manufactured stories of police in Texas reporting psychosis in “marihuana” users. They reported white teens becoming addicted to this “reefer” and doing outrageous things. Yeah… they actually made up stories of gangs of Mexicans running up and down streets, injecting this “marihuana” into kids, and turning them into stark raving mad lunatics.

In one of the most open lies by omission, the United States government demonized this “marihuana”, without telling the citizens that this horrible, psychosis-inducing, dangerous drug was the same exact “cannabis” that their pharmacist has been prescribing them for years. Ladies and gentlemen, you were duped. And you have continued to be duped for almost 100 years. How duped are you? Did you know that the United States Government holds patent #6,630507 on cannabis and its use in medicinal conditions. Don’t believe me, all you have to do is use “the Google” and it’ll be right there.

So, who in conjunction with the government put the screws to cannabis? The infancy of #BigPharma. One of the most evil organizations in the world. And I know that’s hard to say given the past year with COVID-19. We’re being held hostage by an awful disease and we are hopeful that what the pharmaceutical companies did get it right, and the vaccines will stop the spread. But the same people who we are depending on to save us from the pandemic is against people using natural alternatives to drugs.

You know who else helped? The government. Remember how the racism against the Mexicans lead to the prohibition of “marihuana”? It was not a new tactic for the government to act with prejudice against the brown and black people. The government has been engaging in questionable medical experiments, testing, and unnecessary medical procedures for over 100 years. Forced sterilization. Testing of radiation sickness. Psychoactive substances. Cancers. The list goes on.

That began the acts of the government in supplying harder drugs to low income/black and brown communities. They introduced crack, cocaine, and saturated those communities in addictive substances. THAT is how cannabis became known as a gateway drug. The government manipulates drug addiction in certain communities, communities that have been demonized for “marihuana” for 100 years, and introduced these harder drugs, so that they can point fingers and say “see, marijuana is a gateway drug.” Boom! Illegal.

Something else, it has recently been “revealed” from “sources” who worked at the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. His wife, Nancy, was allegedly addicted to pills. But, that’s okay. They were prescribed by a doctor – or a team of doctors. But, that guy with cancer, just wanting to be able to eat after chemo, he has to hide because his medicine was made illegal by racists.

One of the conservatives biggest mouthpieces – Rush Limbaugh – became addicted to pain killers. Let’s call it what it is. Opioids. Rush Limbaugh was a drug-store heroin addict. The difference? Rush was a white, wealthy guy. He wasn’t the guy who lives in the inner city who had his life orchestrated by the government sanctioned systemic racism, and was likely force-fed opioids because of his mother’s addictions.

Early in my career as a court reporter, I was in court and there was a guy who came up and stood before the court. He was a tall African-American man. He had a name that sounded familiar. Whispers were going through the courtroom. I didn’t know why. Why were people making a big thing about this guy?

I found out later. That guy had been a professional basketball player and he had everything. But, it all went up his nose and into his veins. Now, he was standing there before a judge, talking about the fact that he couldn’t pay the most nominal of child support orders. He was homeless. He was addicted to opioids. He was addicted to alcohol. What he was not addicted to was cannabis.

Alcohol – perfectly legal – has been the scourge of society since the very first grape fermented itself. Alcohol, also a psychoactive compound, is to blame for more deaths, ruined lives and horrific conditions. But, you can buy beer at a convenience store. Cannabis had been, at one time, prescribed by doctors to help alcoholics stay off the booze. Some are still doing so today. Yet, to stop something legal, they have to do something illegal. What is the government’s logic? It’s government. They don’t have any.

The point here being – stop believing in the reefer madness.

Published by EIBWB

Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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