Product Review: The OneHitWonda

The full kit

Here in CT., on July 1st, 2021,legalization of cannabis went into effect. Thank God and Goddess for that!!! The legalization laws gave medical patients expanded rights, regarding allotment limits and ability to home grow our medication. It was an amazing moment. And I can’t lie – my next door neighbor is kind of a ugly person – so on July 1st, I stood in my driveway, right next to her work out room, the window was open, and I smoked a big ole doob for the occasion. Yeah, I am kinda petty. Whatevs – call the cops and say that I have marijuana growing in my windowsill and you are just a POS, in my opinion.

So, with legalization, a beautiful idea was born. The High Bazaar. An open air weekly gathering of craft cannabis growers and other affiliated artisans – glass artisans, and infused products, various CBD products, etc., where members of the public can partake of these various products for a small donation. Think a weekly private sesh party, where we partake of local craft growers – many with their own strains available – and glass artisans, willing to make you a glass piece. The vibe and unity of the crowd is unlike any other. Everyone just chill, and talking our favorite language – cannabis – and all the wonderful things that can be done with it. Even more amazing, it has grown so popular that they have secured an indoor location for the cold months here in New England. Truly, this is a stoners Shang-Ri-La.

So, while perusing the High Bazaar one brisk fall Saturday, I came upon the OneHitOneDa. Now, it looked interesting to me, mostly because most one hitters and chillums never really appealed to me, aesthetically. And I always felt like there was something that was missing from the full experience of the beautiful effects these craft growers have given their blood, sweat and tears into growing.

The OneHitOneDa we

Much like many others at an open air craft market, everyone has a schtick/grab line/bait and hook, to get you to pay attention to them. As I said, one hitters always left me feeling like something was definitely missing, so I was prepared to keep walking. But, I am someone who is always looking for the next thing – the thing that’s going to make my medication easy to take.

The inventor of the OneHitOneDa was manning his booth. And he gave me information that I really needed to think about. A perfect 50mg hit, every time. Accurate dosing, And more important to someone like me, someone who really has a difficulty with smoking. Basically, it has to be the smoothest hit ever for me to be able to handle it.

A lot of what he said made a lot of sense to me. Accurate dosing. With the screen, you are catching the tar and ick that causes you to not have a great sesh – because you’re too busy coughing up a lung – and not in the good way. I went home and thought about it. A lot. And I checked out the website and checked various other one hitters – to see why this guy told me that this was the greatest one hitter ever. And I wish I could explain the science, as he did, but I am just not good at that.

The full kit

The next weekend at the Bazaar, set on purchasing a OneHitOneDa, I walked around the entire festival and I did not see the OneHitOneDa tent. I was sad. A few other folks had just the partial kit — the pipe, its cleaner and the grinder card. So, even though I really wanted the full kit from the inventor himself, I purchased just the pipe that day. The full kit includes a case, a cleaning tool, a grinder card, and a couple of little “pixie dust” carriers. (This is important later)

As we walked around the Bazaar, craft growers who had samples of their wares allowed the use of one hitters to sample what their blood, sweat and tears produced. And, let me tell you, from the first hit on this little pipe, I was convinced!!!! This is now my favorite smoking tool. Very often, all I have is a minute or two to get in a hit – especially when my pain levels and my tremors are starting to spike. So, I need to know that this one hitter is going to do what I need it to do. It loads easy – which is great when my tremors amp up. Every time – without fail – this device is amazing. I enjoy using it so much. Again, I wish I could explain the science as to why this hitter works so much differently than the traditional ones that we have all seen for years and years.

Something else that impressed me about this product – the inventor stands behind it – 100%. A couple of weeks later, when we went back, the inventor of the OneHitOneDa was there. I asked if I could buy just the case. He said no – it’s a set. Then he thought a moment and asked me if I already had a OneHitOneDa – which I pulled out of my back pocket – it was also burning my backside because I had just used it. He then reconsidered, and I walked away with a very cute little case for it. I told you that standing behind their product is important to me, and the fact that this guy allowed me to buy the case and the other accessories – because I had already purchased the pipe itself. That means a lot to me, as a consumer.

The case

That case makes it very easy to throw in a purse or tote bag. It doesn’t *smell* weed-y. It’s about the size of a eyeglasses case. Discretely have your medication with you. As always, know the local laws of anywhere you find yourself. In some places possession of a pipe is illegal. I also wouldn’t take this on a plane in carry-on luggage, regardless of where you are traveling, even if it is legal.

So, visit our friends at One HitOneDa and check it out for yourself!

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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  1. Thank you so much for your review and kind words.

    Yes, I believe in my dosing tool and recommend that anyone looking for a method to moderate consumption,
    and the addition of strain diversity for mindful consumption check us out

    OneDaful news that have confirmed “OneDa is a hit!”


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