Medical Cannabis in CT.


I feel like I would be very remiss in this blog if I did not mention obtaining a medical cannabis card in Connecticut (where I live).

Sure, anyone can get cannabis on the street.  It’s not too hard to find if you are looking for it.  Just over the border in Massachusetts, recreational use is legal – if you are willing to pay the sin tax on it.  By the way, CT is losing millions of dollars over the border to Massachusetts – at least before COVID-19.  Dispensaries are shut down to all but Massachusetts Medical Card holders.   And before I got my medical card, I did go to Massachusetts.  Why didn’t I buy from a local guy?  Mostly because I do have some level of paranoia about getting tainted product.  I remember well when dealers were soaking weed in formaldehyde.  (street name:  Illi).  That terrified me.  I also know that it is sometimes not very good quality – dirty – full of stems, and leaves with little flower.

I sat on a trial a few years back where the Defendant was accused – and convicted – of having 40 lbs of weed shipped to his friend’s house.  Sitting in the courtroom with 40 lbs of weed sitting in front of you is kind of a surreal experience.  But, it was dirty weed.  Full of stems, sticks, leaves and very little flower.  And the flower that was contained in there was not good quality.  And it smelled moldy – gross!  Moldy weed is like smelling a skunk who shit itself.

Anyway, I think that every American should be able to access cannabis, if they so choose. But, in particular, Medical Cannabis should be available to those people who have proven medical conditions which cannabis has been proven to help.  PTSD, chronic intractable pain, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s, cancer, spasms, Tourettes, arthritis, glaucoma, migraines (which I also suffer from), neuropathy…  The list goes on.

Israel has been doing research for decades.  Finding the results of those studies are sometimes difficult.  They are generally buried very deep in obscure web pages.  I believe that the research is being suppressed by #BigPharma.  If cannabis was legalized, they would lose billions of dollars a year.  The #BigPharma lobby pours millions of dollars into Washington to continue the “Reefer Madness” brainwashing process.

So, I encourage everyone who has a medical condition that can be helped by Medical Cannabis, to please lobby your local and national governmental officials to legalize it.  Take the time to research it.  Make well reasoned arguments.  I got very lucky that my rheumatologist believes in it so much – and testified to our legislature to get it passed for fibromyalgia patients – and he didn’t give up on me – when I finally got to that point.

The process is relatively easy in CT.  I don’t like having to pay $100 a year for the card, but I will if it means continuing in this trajectory.  I also believe that medical cannabis should be covered by medical insurance, but that’s a fight we’ll have to take on once we have nationwide reciprocity and legality for medical cannabis.  I believe that every state you enter, with a medical card, should allow you to purchase your medication at any licensed dispensary.  And just because someone is on medical cannabis should not put them at risk of getting arrested just because they cross state lines.  My medical cannabis is perfectly legal in CT.  And Maine actually recognizes every medical cannabis card, as does Washington D.C. (how about that for an oxymoron?) But, I am a criminal if I take my medication over arbitrary lines on a map if I go to visit my kids or my brother.  That’s just wrong on so many levels.

Well, without further rambling thoughts by me, here is the link to the CT MMP website.



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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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