Can you travel with cannabis?

Can I travel with my medical marijuana? The short answer, no. Because of the patchwork of medical/legal state laws, something that is legal in one state may not be legal in another. It’s a gamble. And one that can be very expensive. And then there is the arbitrary lines on a map that say whenContinue reading “Can you travel with cannabis?”

Legalization in CT, employees and employers

Still wading through 300 pages of legalese. But, I culled this from an article online, and I added in the pertinent actual wording from the laws. An employer may implement a policy prohibiting the possession, use or other consumption of cannabis by an employee, except (A) as provided in section 21a-408p of the general statutes,Continue reading “Legalization in CT, employees and employers”

Day 65 – and home grown and Reefer Madness

Day 65. 65 days since I was last at work. It’s so surreal. It’s so strange. So – I don’t even know. How did we get here? How did it happen? I mean – are we any closer today to figuring out this Coronavirus than we were in January? It certainly doesn’t feel like it.Continue reading “Day 65 – and home grown and Reefer Madness”

Medical Cannabis in CT.

I feel like I would be very remiss in this blog if I did not mention obtaining a medical cannabis card in Connecticut (where I live). Sure, anyone can get cannabis on the street.  It’s not too hard to find if you are looking for it.  Just over the border in Massachusetts, recreational use isContinue reading “Medical Cannabis in CT.”