Can you travel with cannabis?

Can I travel with my medical marijuana? The short answer, no. Because of the patchwork of medical/legal state laws, something that is legal in one state may not be legal in another. It’s a gamble. And one that can be very expensive.

And then there is the arbitrary lines on a map that say when you cross state lines, you’re in federal trafficking territory now. I joked to a coworker that when NY legalized it, you could go to a Yankees Game, blaze up in the parking garage and cops couldn’t do shit. But, technically you committed a crime because the feds. He then said the feds could fuck up s wet dream.

If you are driving and you have pro-cannabis decals on your vehicle, expect to get stopped. Firearms owners face the same profiling. NRA sticker on your car, your plate will be run, and if you go over the speed limit, you are getting pulled over. As much as I want to put the EIBWB logo on my car, until the feds get with the times, I won’t.

When I travel to visit family out of state, I admit that I have my medication with me. However, I travel with it in a smell proof bag, in the trunk of my car, and usually it’s at the bottom of my suitcase. A police officer once told me that cured meat can distract the dog. So, if you see a stick of pepperoni in my suitcase, as a proud Italian woman, that’s why. I’m making that doggo work for the treats.

Once at my destination, which is a medical state, the discretion continues. Both of my sons work in professions that require testing. So, smokable cannabis is pretty much out. That’s when I rely on tincture, vapes, tablets/capsules, medibles exclusively. And even the vapes don’t come out unless I am alone and outside. And the reason why the discretion remains is because very few states that allow medical marijuana state within their laws that it is for residents only.

Obviously, this becomes a lot different in a fully legal state. But, remember the medical marijuana laws can twist and turn. Stay vigilant and research the laws for your destination before you travel.

What about on a plane? I’ll share this story and then invite you to click on the link. The article is very well written. A coworker told me that when he went to a family reunion, his aunt and cousin are hardcore tokers. They had so much of it in their suitcase, it could be smelled 5-10 feet away. How they traveled halfway across the country, on 3 flights each way, and no one even blinked.

That said, pretty much everyone, except my coworkers family, should not fly with cannabis. The feds are inconsistent on prosecution. One guy with a joint in his bag could get 10 years, and another guy, simply because of location, doesn’t even get taken to law enforcement.

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