Strawberry High Cakes – wait!!!! what?????


Strawberries. It’s summer and thoughts turn to summer fruits. For me, that means strawberries. I love strawberries. And strawberry shortcake is my favorite summertime treat. I mean, cake, sugar, strawberries, whipped cream. What’s not to absolutely LOVE!!!

I’m always bouncing ideas off a couple of friends — SP and TF — for different recipes. And, they are also my taste-testers, and fellow numb-facers. We have a really special friendship – I adore them both. #UBBU(tm) forever!!!

So, for this week’s recipe — strawberry shortcake with cannabis. This is exciting – truly exciting.

So, to start with, we’re going to make a pound cake. And we’re going to use the baking mix that I posted about in my Peanut Budder Brownies

I’m using boxed yellow cake mix – with a few changes. The box mix calls for eggs, water and butter to be added to the mix. I added in 2 more egg yolks, swapped out the one cup of water for one cup of heavy cream, and added in a box of vanilla instant pudding. The batter was not your normal consistency for cake batter. It was more like mashed potatoes – thick – not at all runny. And that’s what you want. That makes the cake more dense, more moist – the pound cake consistency that I was looking for. It’s rich – it’s dense – and it holds up well under the strawberries.

Ahh, the strawberries. Obviously, we are going to use fresh strawberries at this time of year. What we’re going to do is use a tincture to make ;cannabis infused sugar. Using this method – I’m using tincture from the dispensary to make this. Remember, I don’t like to do a lot of work. I’m making a full cup of canna-sugar – the ratio is one tablespoon of THC tincture, mixed with one cup of white sugar, laid out on a baking sheet and baked at 200* for 30 minutes. Let cool – completely. The site I saw this recommended using a sieve and the back of a spoon to “re-granulate” the sugar. I’m lazy. I think I said that. I put it in a plastic baggie and crushed it with my meat tenderizer.

To make the delish strawberries that are going to go on top of our pound cake, we’re taking a full quart of ripe strawberries. Remove the stems, and cut up your strawberries. Place them in a bowl. Take 1/4 cup of your infused sugar and add it to the strawberries. If you wanted to use more, feel free. I’m just thinking about the inevitable couch lock that is going to occur with this dessert. Mix your strawberries and canna-sugar and sugar together, cover and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Stir every 10 minutes or so. It makes your strawberries get that lovely syrup that makes this summer time treat so delish.

Slice your canna-pound cake, lay it on the plate. Pile on the canna-strawberries. Cover with the whipped cream of your choice. There you are. Strawberry High Cakes.

Oh Lawd!! If you are a Christian, well, you can certainly say Grace for the bountiful high you are about to receive. It’s going to be phenomenal. I got couch lock – hard!! I mean – whoa!!! It was absolutely a hell of a high – one I am eager to repeat.

My actual result ☺️

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