Sorry, life got ugly

I haven’t been here for a little while. Life got a little ugly on me and I am not handling it well. Something that I have dreaded happening happened. My oldest is in the Army and he has been deployed. That’s all I can really say. Read into it what you will. You can surmise the general location that he is in. I had hoped that the Covid-19 that delayed the deployment would turn into a cancellation. No such luck.

My other son is an OTR driver. With all the nonsense around Covid-19 and now the protests surrounding the civil unrest, I am worried about him having to drive into areas that are actively being looted/burned/etc. I didn’t think that my kid would be in a war zone on American soil, but boy it looks like it in some places. It feels like we’re living in this weird alternate universe. I feel like 2020 should just hit the restart button.

In addition, my favorite cat, Jeffrey Alexander Kitten, got out and hasn’t been seen for two days. I’m heartbroken and I hope he comes home soon.

I haven’t done too much with cooking/infusing in the past week. Like I said, I just can’t seem to get out of my own way. I am going to make some olive oil and sugar tomorrow. Butter on Sunday. And I think it is time for some canna-banana bread.

I did get some cool swag this week at the dispensary. I sent the makers of the baking mix pics of my strawberry high cakes and the peanut budder cup brownies, and thanked them for making it because it really has made my life a lot less complicated. I got a t-shirt, a lanyard, a lighter, stickers and a magnet. Another one of the suppliers was giving out free t-shirts to everyone. So, I upped my t-shirt game by two. I’m good with that. And that’s a free tidbit. Compliment your suppliers at the dispensary and you could get some swag.

I also just did something that I have been thinking about for a while. My best friend growing up and I have not seen each other in decades. I have looked for her periodically on facebook, but could never find her. I found out her married name and generally where she lives. I sleuthed around the internet and I think I found her. I sent her a facebook message. I understand if she doesn’t wish to be found or to be contacted, but I did want to let her know that I did think of her often and hoped that she was doing well.

It’s almost four am. I still haven’t slept. I think it’s time I try.

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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