Chocolate 2.0

Okay – it’s no secret that I believe that chocolate should be considered a food group. So, of course, I have another chocolate blog post. Canna-chocolate foodie stuff makes me a very happy girl.

So, chocolate candies 2.0. The inspiration was my morning coffee. See, I get these chocolate-mint drops from the dispensary. Boy, those drops really wake up the morning coffee. I highly recommend them if you have access to those. However, if you don’t, can I suggest these little creme de menthe candies I made? If you are so inclined, you could even put it in your hot chocolate or hot coffee to wake up your morning and put you on the wake and bake team.


I got these cute little pot leaf molds from Amazon. Just look up pot leaf candy mold. If you caught my candy post last week, you got my easy chocolate recipe. Basically, one cup chocolate chips and half tbsp of flower, ground into a fine powder. Melt over double boiler, whisk in that wonderful powdered flower, pour into mold. Let cool.

So, I was a fan of Andes Creme de Menthe candies when I was a kid. And York Peppermint Patties. For the record, I hate “mint” gum. I am all about the chocolate. And the other morning, I had left my little bottle of chocolate mint drops home. That was a sad cup of coffee that morning. I did have my chocolate candy with me. I dropped that little chocolate into my coffee. At least I got the mocha taste and my morning dose. And that led me to thinking about those Andes Creme de Menthe candies. Could I make a canna version?

The answer is yes – yes I could. And I have declared this a huge win! So, here we go. For this batch, I used Star Killer flower. It is ground – as if I was going to smoke it. I activated (decarbed) it in my LEVO 2. I then returned it to its original container from the dispensary. I’m using it in medibles that aren’t always “cooked” long enough or at a high enough heat that would activate the THC.

So, today I wanted to make a lot. I used 2 cups of chocolate chips, melted over a double boiler. I took one full tablespoon of my activated Star Killer, and put it in my mortar and pestle – rendering it to a fine powder. That powder was then whisked into my melted chocolate.

I used a spoon and filled the molds about halfway. I tapped the molds on the counter to get air bubbles out and spread it through evenly. I then took some white chocolate chips, melted them down. Added about a half teaspoon of mint extract to the melted chocolate, along with a little bit of green food coloring. I did not add any marijuana to the minted chocolate. I drizzled a little bit into each mold – and then covered the minted chocolate with more of the dosed milk chocolate. Put into the refrigerator and cool.

Pop them out of the mold – store in a cool dry place. I used chocolate chips for my candies, but I am noticing they take on that weird gray-white color chocolate sometimes gets if I take them out of the refrigerator and put them in my lunch bag. So, I’m going to re-try making the candies, using melting chocolate wafers as opposed to the chocolate chips. I’ll post an update here when that happens.

Have a Great Day and remember: Everything Is Better With Budder!

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