Fried Rice and pot stickers

Egg/Chicken/Pork/Beef Fried Rice. What’s not to love? From vegan to full meaty goodness, fried rice is a great dinner/lunch/leftovers kind of thing.

Anyway, back to the recipe at hand.

I became a little fried rice obsessed after watching a video on YouTube by a stand up comic in the UK, Nigel Ng. Nigel has created a character, Uncle Roger, who makes reaction “weedjio” of famous chefs making various iterations of fried rice. It’s very politically incorrect, with a Malaysian-Chinese man playing hard into certain Asian stereotypes. Uncle Roger even made me believe that I needed a wok. Apparently there is a thing called wok hai – breath of wok. And that’s what gives the food its flavor.

Whatever it is, I got a $6 wok at Walmart. And I’m going to make wok high.

The most important ingredient in your fried rice dish is — obviously — your rice. Use your preferred method. If you want the most authentic version, use leftover rice. Or cook your rice in the morning, refrigerate until time to make dinner. And no, minute rice is not a substitute. Neither is pouch rice. Go spend a few dollars at the Chinese restaurant down the street and get some rice. I used the equivalent of a pint of white rice.

So, where is the cannabis? Using my LĒVO 2, last week, I infused 1/8 oz flower into 6 oz of sesame oil, which has a more authentic Asian flavor.

I put 2 tblsp of sesame oil into my wok, aand heated it into a med-high heat. I added two deboned chicken thighs, chopped (or pork/beef/tofu). Along with two tblsp minced garlic, 1 tblsp ginger paste, 3 tblsp Sriracha, 1/4 tsp Salt/Accent Salt/MSG, 2 tblsp soy sauce. Stir to coat the protein (pork/chicken/beef/tofu). In a small saucepan, I boiled a cup of fresh/raw cut green beans for 3 minutes. Drain and add to the wok, along with One cup thawed frozen peas. 1/4 cup julienned carrots. Mix everything to coat the protein and vegetables.

Add in a teaspoon more of the infused sesame oil, and continue to coat the entire dish.

I used frozen pot stickers. If you have a favorite recipe, please use it. After removing the fried rice from the wok, I added another teaspoon of my infused sesame oil to the wok, and just added a slight crispiness to the pot stickers.

After I plated it, I used a pinch of activated ground flower as a garnish.

That’s it. And, if you have a favorite recipe for fried rice, use it. Just bear in mind that you have to use your preferred infused oil or butter, wherever called for in the recipe. If you have a recipe for the pot stickers filling and you wanted to add a teaspoon of ground activated flower, you absolutely can.

This recipe, as I wrote it, will not be an edible that will get you super high. You’ll get a nice low key buzz. Perfect if you are microdosing.

So, that’s it for today. There may be another post tomorrow. I don’t know yet. And, go to YouTube and look for “Uncle Roger”. It’s really a great bit that this guy has going. With Covid, a lot of people in show business had to reinvent themselves. Nigel Ng did and he deserves the support!

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