Why are medibles full of fats?

I get asked those questions almost daily. Why are medibles full of fats? And why is this medible not working for me? Usually with a little prodding, I find out that the person used a no fat alternative somewhere in the recipe.

The fact is the two main components that people are looking for in cannabis is THC and CBD. The THC, the psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis, is responsible for the “high” or the euphoria that you get when you ingest it. And CBD – the infectionfighting- pain fighting, anti inflammatory compound that does so much healing of your body. They are fat soluble. Meaning that they need fats to bind to to be used by your body.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, the smoke/vape oil contains the THC and CBD compounds. It is absorbed into your lungs, and sent immediately into the bloodstream, giving you those compounds benefits within a few minutes. That’s why smoking/vaping it works. However, when you eat cannabis, it is absorbed into your body, it doesn’t metabolize until it is absorbed into your stomach lining, intestines, and kidneys. That’s also why medibles last longer than smoking – because it’s being broken down more and more as it goes through your digestive system.

Chemical compounds are either fat or water soluble. Fat soluble substances dissolve and become useful to the body in fats. Water soluble – they dissolve easily in water. CBD and THC – simply put – need fats to be absorbed by your body.

So, when I cook something with cannabis, there is nothing low fat about it. This is not the time to use non-fat sour cream, or non-fat milk – use the real stuff. This is why you see so many cannabis-cooks using infused oils and infused butters.

I had made a dozen of my tea-bags. My spouse was not getting the same type of high that I would get off of them. It came down to, spouse doesn’t put milk in tea. Meaning without those fats in the milk, it would take until the tea reached the kidneys before it would metabolize to have any effect. And probably 90% of the cannabis you’ve consumed, gets flushed out of the kidneys and you’ve just had a very expensive moment in the lavatory. Once he added milk, the tea worked as it was supposed to.

So – when it comes to your medibles, load them up with the butter, oil and fats. Mix ground flower with hamburger meat and toss that hamburger-buddy on the grill. Use infused oils to make your favorite salad dressings. Don’t skimp on the toast – lather it up with your infused butter (budder). This is as true of THC as it is of CBD. To get the maximum benefits, use the maximum fats.

If you are being heart healthy, and you like salmon, by all means, use all the canna butter, canna oil, canna tincture – whatever way you prefer to do it, but do it with salmon. Salmon is a very heart healthy fatty fish. The properties of the oil in salmon are also very good for joint pain.

But, in terms of cannabis, being very full of good fats, fats that get metabolized in the liver, you’re going to get a stronger and longer high. So, drizzle on some canna butter, or use cannabis salt. Or a drizzle of infused olive oil – or even a few drops of tincture on that beautiful pink fish.

Remember, because it’s metabolized in the liver, with a high fat ratio, it’s going to take time to feel the effects. Give it an hour or so. I can say from personal experience, it takes a while, but it is so worth it.


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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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