Wait until you see what we’ve been cooking up this week… Auntie Canna’s Pretzels 🥨

This week in the EIBWB kitchens, we’ve been throwing around ideas that are outside of the normal food infusions. Sure, brownies, cookies and that stuff is great. But, we are striving for more. We want to introduce cannabis into all kinds of foods – ones that you wouldn’t normally think of as a vehicle to deliver this beautiful medication. The collaboration usually starts with one of us saying “what do you think of xxx?” And we can talk about it – discuss its feasibility – and level of commitment. Some of these recipes are just so easy – adding tincture to something like your morning coffee, or adding cannabis sugar to your strawberries when you make strawberry shortcake, and up to using infused oils or butters.

So, this week, let’s just say if you like Auntie Annie’s pretzels, well, you’re in for a real treat today. Because we’re going to make them our way – Auntie Canna’s Pretzels with #ctpharmasol baking mix and their new Everything Bagel but the Bagel infused seasoning. Yes, my friends, cannabis seasoning. But – y’all these little beauties don’t stop there. Because we have also added tincture to the honey mustard sauce and the cheez whiz sauce.

But, we did not stop at just little ole pretzel bites. Oh, no, no, no — No. My friends, we used that pretzel dough and wrapped it around hot dogs. Y’all, what a fine flying lunch this is. Or dinner. Hell, have it for breakfast. Use Italian sausages, use andouille sausage – use breakfast sausage – the possibilities are limited by your own imagination.

So, the basics are this. We used this recipe https://pin.it/50H7j3T to make our pretzel dough. As I said – we used the CT Pharma baking mix. That’s just added to the dry ingredients of the dough, before any liquid is added. Make sure to whisk all those dry ingredients together to really incorporate that baking mix with the rest of the dry ingredients. Then, continue to make the pretzel bites according to the recipe.

After you dip these little love nugs in the melted butter, we shook that beautiful seasoning on them. Mmmmmmmm….

To make the pretzel dogs, well, just take a rope of that beautiful pretzel dough and wrap it around that hot dog. Use toothpicks to hold it on that dog, put it in that soda water bath and then onto the baking sheet, and into the oven it goes. Once it’s done, take it out, brush it with melted butter, and add that delicious seasoning on top.

OR – for those looking for a sweet treat, use our recipe for cannabis sugar, and mix it with some savory cinnamon, and then you can have some cinnamon sugar pretzels – still full of the beautiful effects of cannabis.

Now, the beauty of these little pretzel bites is you can also wrap them around a bite of hot dog. We actually thought of this when thinking about the kids that use cannabis. So often, they are so sick of “medicine” that the thought of it is just heartbreaking. So, why not a sweet treat, or a savory treat – or a good ole pretzel dog for dinner that’s going to really help them.

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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