Product Review: Hi®️ Herbal Infuser

So, we have previously reviewed the LEVO – and don’t get me wrong – I still love mine, but it has issues that I am sure it won’t recover from. Broken pieces of plastic and the lid coming off — apparently this is a common issue. One I hope that they make improvements to, because in theory, it’s great.

So, without my LEVO, I was left to find new ways to decarb and infuse my medication. I went to the good ole Interwebz, and I looked for cost effective (I’m crying about that $300 LEVO) infusion machine. I should note here that Fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme gives one “brain fog”. I will lose track of what I’m talking about mid-sentence. I will lose track of what I’m doing, while I’m in the middle of doing it.

So, on Reddit, I found a guy talking about using the sous vide method. I’ve wanted one for a while because steak done that way is delish. Anyway – so, I toddled over to Amazon and found one that was $50. I’ll post a review for that a little later. I will say that the flower was activated perfectly and there was no “burnt” smell to it.

Anyway – having solved the decarb problem, that left me with how to infuse. Like I said, I will forget it somewhere. My sons are 22 and 26. I’m still finding Christmas gifts I hid when they were toddlers. So, I need something front and center to keep me on task.

And one thing I have been really looking at doing is making my own cannabis infused milk/creamer. So, in looking for ways to do that, I came across the website for the Hi®️ Herbal Infuser. Apparently Tommy Chong uses it. And, well… I mean, what stoner wouldn’t take his word for it? I mean, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong and Willie Nelson. Anyone who has come after them only got there because of the roles they have played in mainstreaming cannabis.

So, I got it from Amazon – mostly because two-day shipping. Sorry, I was too excited to take a video of the un-boxing. I was really excited to try this.

So, the first thing I made was the thing that I was kind of a Debby Downer about. I did not think it could be done. But, holy crap!!! Cannabis infused milk in my coffee is a HUGE game changer. And in only 45 minutes?? Nahhhh… Well, y’all, it happened.

I put two cups of milk and 1/8 oz of a heavy indica and set it on 45 minutes. It comes out hot, and I’m sure I could have used it immediately, but I wanted it to chill out in the fridge overnight. I had today off from work because I got my 2nd Fauci-ouchie yesterday. And I preemptively took the day off today, anticipating a reaction. I wasn’t wrong. I’ve been plagued with body aches, fever/chills, lethargy and a general feeling of malaise. And my arm is killing me.

My tiny 1/8 that made my 2 cups of milk.

All that said, I’m actually glad I did have that type of reaction. I felt a little better than when I go through a really bad flare up of my fibro and Lyme. So, I had basically a built in trial run of my flare pain levels. It’s rare that I get a chance to medicate before it hits me.

So, remember when I said fats are necessary in medibles? Because THC is a fat soluble property. It needs to bind to a fat to be delivered to your naturally occurring CBD receptors. And in a perfect world, I would have had whole milk on hand. But, it’s not a perfect world and I was too excited to try the milk to wait. So, I used 2%. I was not disappointed.

The milk and the cannabis before infusion.
After the cannabis solids were filtered out.

I did not consume any cannabis for 12 hours before I had my first mug of coffee. I do it for science. I want you to know exactly how I felt during the ingestion of our medibles. About 30-45 minutes after having a huge mug of coffee (we have 12 oz mugs), where I added 6 tablespoons of cannabis infused milk, I started to feel the effects. And those effects continued to build. At about one hour after ingestion, I was flying – and I mean – flying HIGH, y’all.

My coffee mugs at home. This is the actual mug of coffee.

Seriously – I was high for HOURS, about three hours. That THC bound itself to the milk fats, and because milk is easily digestible because of our bodys are amazing and know that milk is a normally ingested food. So there was no slowdown in the liver, where the THC and CBD is metabolized. It got into my bloodstream pretty fast.



Well, I used “Hi-Dee” (yes, I name my appliances, don’t judge me) a few weeks ago. I put her away. When I was ready to make milk again, Hi-Dee wouldn’t cooperate. She was stuck in the clean mode. In tears, I contacted Hi®️, asking how to fix it. It’s likely a short in the electronics. I keep it far away from my sink, but it is entirely possible that I got it wet while cleaning it. Or we had some really brutal hot and humid days, and I had condensation on a lot of my appliances.

And y’all, they LEGIT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT! I was shipped a replacement. Not gonna lie, I was shook. In a time when so many companies and consumers see things as disposable, a company that stands by their product, even if it was potentially operator error, they got my back.

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    1. We’re very sorry that our post about our experience didn’t meet your expectations. Of course, we’re always happy to answer any questions that you have, with regard to our experiences with either strains of cannabis, or the tools we use in our own kitchens. We’re not professional bloggers. We write what we feel and if our 40-50 year old selves trying to make light of things, given the state of the world today, even lame stand up comedy can bring a welcome moment of levity to an otherwise very trying time.


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