Product Review: Infused Cajun Seasoning

Today’s product review comes to us from our friends at CTPharma, the producers of the baking mix we are so fond of, and the Everything But the Bagel seasoning mix. This one – they hit this one out of the park. Infused Cajun Seasoning.

First off, it’s amazingly tasty. I mean – what’s the use of a seasoning mix if it isn’t tasty. CTPharma got this one perfect. It’s the right amount of heat with undertones of sweetness, so it doesn’t overpower anything you use with it.

Second – it’s so versatile. We have tested a few different dishes with it in our EIBWB kitchens. We’ve used it for Cajun shrimp and cheddar grits (TOTES DELISH AND RECIPE COMING SOON), on our eggs in the morning, on some home fries. Add in some cannabis milk to your coffee, and some canna butter on your toast, and you are in for a wake ‘n bake unlike any you have ever had. Personally, I was so THC’d up, I convinced myself I was the love child of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg.

Eggs with CTPharma Cajun Seasoning
Cheesy Shrimp ‘n grits made with CTPharma Cajun Seasoning

We even went to a certain well known chicken place, got one of their original sandwiches with mayo on the side and we mixed that mayo with the seasoning, and let me tell you – it was good enough to that I went back the next day for another. It definitely made the afternoon go down a lot easier.

Chick Filet Sandwich with CT Pharma Cajun Seasoning

Having dinner? How about some Cajun seasoning on your salmon? Heck, we had fish sticks the other night (I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE), and I mixed it in with the tartar sauce. Having a burger? sprinkle it on your burger for a little pick-me-up. Fries? Well, Cajun fries are damn fine. Mashed potatoes? Sure. Last night, I had onion rings that had seasoning sprinkled on them. I even made Cajun potato chips.

Potato chips made with CTPharma Cajun Seasoning

We are not kidding when we say we love this stuff. It is a game changer. We’ve had suggestions for the CTPharma team, lemon pepper seasoning and taco seasoning. We’re hoping that they come through with it because that would be EPIC!!! I’d love to see creole seasoning, too. I went to New Orleans when I was 18, and I fell in love with so much of their food. I’d love to see more infused seasonings mixes.

Onion Ring with CTPharma Cajun Seasoning

So, if you are a medical patient in CT., and you can get your hands on the CTPharma Cajun Seasoning mix, DO IT!!! Cajun Seasoning Mix infused with THC is VERY WORTH IT! The folks in the EIBWB team definitely HIGHLY recommend this.

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