Peanut Budder Fudge

Sweet, creamy and delicious!

The Ingredients for Peanut Budder Fudge

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I love peanut butter. Peanuts. The best part of Cracker Jack is the peanuts. Versatile and a good source of protein, along with a pretty high dose of those fats that we want THC to bind to.

So, I scoured good ole Pinterest to find a recipe that would give me a good base to add cannabis to. I really wanted to mask the taste of cannabis in this one. My reason is because a lot of people use medibles because they don’t like the taste of smoking it. But if the medible has the taste, they won’t use it, defeating the purpose of it.

So, what’s our recipe for this one? And where did I put the cannabis?

The day before I made the fudge, I made a half gallon of CannaMilk, with my Hi Infusion Machine. I put one gram of kief in the half gallon of whole milk. Nothing like CannaMilk in your coffee to wake n bake, but I digress. so, let’s get to the recipe.

8 Oz of marshmallow fluff. 12 Oz of creamy peanut butter. I used store brand for this. 2 cups of sugar. And a half cup of whole milk.

Take the milk and sugar, in a pan on the stove (I used my big saucepan), on a medium heat and heated to a light rolling boil. Add in the peanut butter, the fluff, a half cup of that CannaMilk and just for a bit more fun, a gram of activated kief. The kief I used was an Indica. It goes by the name of Scoopaden here in the land of “we can’t have people knowing the street name of what strain they are buying because that is bad. But for those interested it’s Ice Cream Candy – Dolato x Slurricane #23.

Milk, Sugar and the kief.

Once that was all combined, poured into an 8×8 pan, and settled in the fridge to set overnight.

It’s delish. Creamy and rich. Almost no taste of cannabis in it, a slight after taste, but nothing like the older Stoner foodies got in their brownies.

And that’s it, my friends.

Cover with foil and let it set in the fridge overnight

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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