Sous Vide Steak… y’all….

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, if cooking steak with the Sous vide method is wrong, I do not want to be right. But, I think it’s very, very right. And I know that Tony does, too. After all, he’s the one who introduced me to sous vide.

Steaks in the sous vide container

For those who don’t know, cooking via sous vide is cooking your food in a water bath, that is kept at a constant temperature. It takes a while, but, y’all, it’s worth the wait.

After my LĒVO 2 passed away, I began looking at different ways to activate my kief and flower. After hitting up the ole interwebs, I found a few articles on activating with the sous vide method. I was intrigued. And since I had wanted to get a sous vide machine for a while, it was the perfect excuse to get another kitchen gadget. I love kitchen gadgetry. This is the sous vide I got: Sous vide.

So, I got the sous vide, but I didn’t have a deep enough pot that allowed it to work as it should. So, I got a covered sous vide container. This is the one I got: Sous Vide Container

So, for tonight’s steak. I had two steaks – one for the spouse and one for me. How did our beloved cannabis come into play? Well, my friends, it was in the budder.


Steak — obviously – choose your favorite cut. I used two tenderloins.

Cannabudder – that was mixed with a teaspoon of minced garlic.

A couple of sprigs of fresh thyme.

I seasoned the steaks with salt and pepper (pink Himalayan salt and mixed peppercorns, freshly ground). And I then spread the garlic cannabudder on those steaks. I tossed in those sprigs of fresh thyme, that I have growing in my garden window. I put the steaks in a large freezer bag, and I cleared all of the air out of it.

I put the bag in the sous vide container – which was full of water. And I set the sous vide at 140°. I set the timer for two hours. Now, to be fair, I could have knocked 10 degrees off, and maybe 15 minutes off, to get it how I believe steak should be – which is rare-medium. But, the settings I had made it perfectly medium-rare, and soft as butter. So, as a person who usually goes for the rare-medium, I certainly did not mind the medium-rare doneness.

When it was done in the sous vide bath, I tossed the steaks into my cast iron skillet, for a perfect sear.

Y’all, it was damn near perfect. Spouse was happy – he likes medium-rare. As I said, my idea of good cow is you walk it by the stove, slap it on its ass, and plate that baby up. But, this was amazing. I can’t even…

But, it was juicy, tender, succulent. The sear was perfect. Whether there is enough THC to give that euphoria we crave, but again, we have to remember that oftentimes, we are looking at microdosing – small doses over a period of a day – which may not give you the euphoria, but you will notice your body feeling relaxed, your mind calmer, and your focus better, even though you are feeling relaxed.

Honestly, I cut into it before I took a picture on the plate, because it just looked so luscious, and delish.

Perfectly medium rare

Yes, I believe sous vide canna-steak is a perfect delivery system to just take the edge off, so you can feel “normal” – whatever normal is. You won’t feel like your mind is coming unglued, your stomach is in knots. You’ll just feel – nice. Definitely, a win! We’ll be cooking a lot more with the sous vide method.

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