CT. Legalization In Limbo — again

Well, Connecticut, pat yourselves on the back again. Despite 72% of Connecticut residents in favor of legalization of cannabis, the minority has effectively killed the legalization bills, forcing the legislature into a Special Session.

When are you going to elect legislators who actually listen to your opinion and not the opinion of special interest groups like #BigPharma? When are you going to hold your elected officials to the standard of the Constitution? By the people, for the people.

Connecticut, you really know how to fuck yourselves up. You consistently elect people to represent you that actually only represent special interest groups.

So, while Massachusetts, NY, NJ, Vermont and Maine get MILLIONS of dollars in tax revenues from legalization, you will sit here, with your thumbs up your butts, waiting for your payoff from #BigPharma.

Every single legislator who is against legalization is against it because of racism. And don’t jump up and say — “no, no, no, I am not a racist.“

Yes. Yes, you are.

Take a really good look at the history. “Cannabis” was used medicinally for eons. And, it was used by pharmacists in the US up until about 1926. That’s when the federal government decided that the people emigrating from Central America, who used “marihuana” recreationally, the extremely racist federal government initiated one of its first racist programs against the black and brown people by outlawing this “marihuana”, without telling the Caucasian people that “marihuana” is the same fucking thing as Cannabis (or marijuana), that they had been getting from their pharmacy.

I apologize. We do try and keep EIBWB “clean”, no naughty words. But, in this situation, we can’t hold back our frustration.

Let’s consider these statistics about alcohol and cigarettes: 95,000 deaths per year are attributed to alcohol. 261 people every day in the United States. 480,000 people per year die as a direct result of tobacco. 1300 people per day.

Medical marijuana patients being allowed to home grow is huge. It is absolutely ludicrous that people can brew their own beer, ferment their own wine, but in this idiotic situation, a Parkinson’s patient can’t access medication on their own. It is a sad day when an alcoholic has more rights than someone who lives in chronic pain.

Not every strain of cannabis is right for every patient. So, these elected officials are dictating what medication we can use to help us. Some strains that are not available in CT. under the MMJ program, that may be beneficial to them, they are not allowed. But, it very seems like those legislators on the right love their home brewed beer and wine. And that stuff isn’t considered by anyone as medication.

No, the republicans in Connecticut want to continue to be racist against black and brown people, by continuing the fallacy that cannabis is a gateway drug. They want to continue to suck the life out of people with chronic medical conditions, and take away their right to choose how to treat chronic conditions.

Someone actually said to me today that they don’t consider the opioid crisis a problem because the people who become addicted to heroin because their doctor over prescribed opiates were prescribed by a doctor, and in many cases, people use cannabis illegally. So, by that logic, my doctor is somehow less than a doctor because we decided medical marijuana is right for me, as opposed to Dilauded or Fentynal. That makes perfect sense. 🙄

Face it, until marijuana is removed from Schedule 1 and is legalized, those against it, or standing in front of it, you will be considered and forever labeled racist. Stand up and be proud, speak out. Yes, Vincent Candelora, I am looking at you. You have a history of voting against legalization that benefits black and brown people.

Yes, I am stating that I believe every single CT legislator who votes against legalization of cannabis is racist. Because they refuse to look at recent data. They cling to the outdated 100 year old RACIST PROPAGANDA of “reefer madness.”

And I will sign my name to this one. Christi. Come at me!

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Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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