PRODUCT REVIEW: Firedog Stash Bag*

My employer is so anti cannabis , they have put signs up on the front of all their facilities, and their website, that cannabis is not allowed in. You can’t imagine how many times a day I bite my tongue. And since CT. has finally decided to join the party of 19 other states in legalization, and also has a rather robust medical marijuana program. But still, my employer lobbied hard against legalization, so I am not surprised.

I tend to be a bit of a quiet rebel. That’s why I enjoy edibles so much, they don’t have to know that my coffee has tincture in it, because without it, my tremors look like a Parkinson’s patient. I have a friend who, after seeing a video of my tremors, remarked that his aunt, with advanced Parkinson’s, doesn’t have tremors as badly as I do.

I’m on Elavil, an anti-seizure medication, to help control them. I can only take that at night, because it makes me very drowsy. So, I always have tincture on me. I have a vape on me. And I have my edibles. But, sometimes, I might have a pre-roll, or two, in my bag. Especially if I go to the dispensary on my lunch break. Even though I park in a guarded parking lot, I still am not comfortable leaving it in my car. So, I risk myself by having it in my tote bag.

Enter Firedog Smell Proof Stash Bag. I love this thing! First of all, it’s really well made. The material is strong and sturdy. The stitching is straight, and strong. And it lives up to its promises. I had it in my tote bag and there was absolutely no smell coming from it.

The fully self contained lock is the only thing I think could use improvement. If you don’t catch the zipper pulls exactly right, they will pop right out of the locking mechanism. However, that also may be just me, because my hands do tremor, and I don’t always have a great grip. So… take it for whatever you think it’s worth.

Firedog* this is the link to one I got. This is my tote bag that I carry my daily trash in. Lunch, wallet, hair products, contact lenses…

My tote bag
You can see how slim it is.
Don’t look at my feet. I was dealing with a lot of pain when I was doing this.
Inside is very roomy. You can see the net pockets to keep smaller items safe.

*All product review posts are of products we have purchased. We receive no compensation for them.

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