So, a few weeks ago, I announced our Everything Is Better With Budder Merch stores – on Cafrepress and Teespring. I ordered a mug, a tote bag and a lunch bag from Cafepress. I wanted to check on the quality. I have shirts that from both Cafepress and Teespring, so for me it was checking different items.

Well, those items came in today – and I am beyond pleased!! The tote bag is canvas – sturdy and roomy. The printing of our logo made me very happy – it was the bright, cheery – and “budder-y” green and stood out well against the canvas background.

The lunch bag is also canvas – feels to be about the same weight fabric and sturdy. Definitely can’t wait to use it for lunches at work. And the mug – I really enjoy the mug. I am a huge coffee drinker. And I love my mugs! Again, it’s a nice mug – holds 11 oz of the drink that turns me into a human every morning. Here are pics that I took of the actual items.

Please go to our Merch Site on Cafepress and order your own!!

Published by EIBWB

Just a middle age biker chick, learning how to navigate through life with a disability, and how medical marijuana saved me

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