Award Winning 🥇 Strawberry Scones with #CTPharma Baking Mix

So, one of the Medical Marijuana suppliers has this baking mix. I know I’ve talked about it before. And if you are a MMJ patient, look for this type of product at your dispensary. My friends, you cannot go wrong with this stuff.

They held a social media bake off for Valentine’s Day. I’ve used the baking mix in everything from brownies to meatloaf. So, what could I make to stand out a little bit. I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for Strawberry Scones.

Scones are notoriously difficult to get exactly right. Slightly off, and you’ve got either a dry, Crumbly, gritty rock, or a globby, doughy mess.

I went to Pinterest and searched for a “moist strawberry scones”. I hit on the perfect recipe. The inside of the scones is warm, fluffy and moist, the outside, the crumbly and slightly dry, golden brown we look for in a good scone.

This is the link to the recipe I used. It really is an easy to follow recipe. I will say that I made two changes. First, I used Kerry Gold Real Irish Butter. It’s got a higher fat ratio in it. If you look at the earlier post about why medibles need fats, you’ll get the reason. That really lends a great amount of creaminess to the taste of the scone. And instead of heavy cream, because I didn’t have any, I just used whole milk. Easy Scones Recipe

The finished product
I share this *high honor* with my two BFFs:
Tony & Sarah
CannaTea and a Stoner Scone, *High Tea Hour*

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