Little Canna Double Doobie Fudge Cookies

Anyway, so T, S & I were talking about new recipes for the #CTPharma baking mix. And we agreed that plain cake, cookies and brownies are good, we had to come up with something that hit it out of the park. And I think we found it.

So, y’all know those Little Debbie Double Decker Fudge cookies? If you don’t, we’ll, you have to find out about them. Because that’s what we’ve made today. And it’s actually a pretty simple recipe.

So, we start off with our brownie mix, and we put our @CTPHARMASOL baking mix in it. What we do next is the game changer. Instead of making brownies, we’re going to to make “brownie mix cookies”. We used this recipe from Pinterest:

While the cookies were baking, we made this fudge Creme filling courtesy of Martha Stewart: However, we added 2 tablespoons of activated flower that we ground up using our mortar and pestle. The filling, when you make it, is going to be quite loose and runny. Use your whisk to really incorporate the filling. You want the chips to all melt, you want to make sure the confectionery sugar is really incorporated. You’re going to firm it up in the fridge for a full hour.

2 tablespoons of activated flower

After the cookies have cooled, and the filling is chilled fully, then it’s time to assemble your cookies. Cookie-filling-cookie-filling-cookie.


Grab yourself a great big glass of milk, and get ready to go be couch locked — for hours. I recommend cutting them into quarters. They are extremely rich and fudgy. And if you use that amount of cannabis in your recipe that I did… WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

EDIT: I ate a quarter of a cookie and I slept for 10 hours. This cookie may be the cure for insomnia

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