Rice, beans, pork and a little bit of herb

I’ve mentioned previously that I am not a fan of making things harder on myself.  Simplistic works.  I’m sure that I could make home made rice and beans – and it would be tasty.  And while this Covid-19 is going on, I’m not currently working.  But I will have to go back soon – IContinue reading “Rice, beans, pork and a little bit of herb”

Stuffed Shells – proof that being Italian is a blessing

Dinner tonight was quite tasty, if I do say so myself.   Sometimes I see a recipe or hear about it and I think – hmmmm…. how can I make that, but easy? I saw a recipe for stuffed shells with sausage and spinach.  Looked pretty good.  I decided to expand on that a little. Continue reading “Stuffed Shells – proof that being Italian is a blessing”

The Power of The Oil

So, I am also using my Levo to infuse oil.  There are so many oils you can use.  Canola – Sunflower – Olive – Coconut.  And they are all great for infusion with cannabis for a variety of uses. As I am sitting here, I have six oz of extra virgin olive oil infusing with 5gContinue reading “The Power of The Oil”

Peanut Budder Balls

As promised – peanut budder balls.   Now, this is a recipe that you can use to make regular peanut butter o balls.  Lord knows, they are good.  My cousins and I raided a fridge full of them over 30 years ago and we have zero regrets, then or now. Now, as the focus ofContinue reading “Peanut Budder Balls”